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 The holistic education offered at The Waldorf Phuket School nourishes the whole child:
head, heart, and hands and thus a balanced relation between thinking, feeling and doing. We believe in an unhurried childhood, where the children are immersed in free play, surrounded by nature and natural materials.


Whether through poetry or wet-on-wet painting, imagination and creativity are constantly encouraged so that the children grow up to be keen observers of the world around them and inventive questioning thinkers. Along with learning the usual subjects, Festivals are an important part of the school since art, music, and culture are celebrated in a singular event.


Our developmentally based curriculum, whether in mathematics, language, philosophy or art, promotes inquiry and deep thinking in a holistic manner. The inter-disciplinary nature of subjects is also brought about through a holistic approach to learning. Permaculture, gardening and cultivating a sense of where our food comes from is also an essential part of our educational journey. The small class sizes allow for a great deal of individual attention.

Waldorf Education is an international independent school movement developed in Europe nearly 100 years ago by Austrian philosopher, social reformer, and visionary, Rudolf Steiner. Today, Waldorf Education is represented around the World, with about 1,000 schools and nearly 2,000 early childhood programs in over 60 countries.

In Waldorf Education, the learning process is effectively threefold: engaging head, heart, and hands—or thinking, feeling, and doing. This is the basis out of which Waldorf teachers work to nurture and engage each child through a curriculum and methodology that integrates academics, arts, and practical skills.


The Waldorf Phuket location offers a unique experience for the students.  Natural open classrooms in a rural setting makes for constant and direct interaction with animals and nature.  Our ongoing school expansion project gives the children the unique experience of building and expanding their own school while dwelling in nature.


Nutthanit 2.jpeg

Nutthanit S.


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Brian E.

Philosophy Teacher

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Building and Grounds Assistant


Nadja P.

Co-Founder & Head of Kindergarten 

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Nursery Teacher

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Administration Head

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Building and Grounds Assistant


P. Fox

Head Primary Teacher


Jo S.

Primary Teacher

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Ashna S.

Mathematics Teacher


Supak Q.

Kindergarten Assistant, Thai Dance & Cooking Teacher

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Administration Assistant

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-01 at 2.57.58 PM.jpeg

Building and Grounds Assistant


Zin S.

Nursery Assistant


Wa O.

Nursery Assistant

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-01 at 3.35.16 PM.jpeg


Animal Care Teacher

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-01 at 2.59.17 PM.jpeg

Building and Grounds Assistant


We are a community of environmentally and socially aware families and educators who strive to make conscious life choices that reflect our values.


We embrace Steiner education for the:

  • way it fosters the physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being of children

  • the importance it places in developing a deep connection, reverence and understanding for nature and the environment. With a particular emphasis on the human being and our unique place in the world.

  • the opportunities for children to develop to their full potential with strong and balanced academic and creative skills. 

We see it as compatible with the growing awareness in our society on the importance of maintaining the health of the environment and living sustainably.


Our school community is socially inclusive creating freedom for individual expression.  We honour the uniqueness that each human being brings to the world in all our interactions with each other in the classroom and beyond.  The school community is an interconnected extended family providing a place for children to belong, feel loved and be valued beyond the home.


Mother of Kinder & Primary Students

Thank you for the nurture, care and confidence you have offered my children. These memories and life skills they will carry with them forever.


Father of two Primary Students

It has been wonderful to watch my two children bloom at this school.
The quality of attention given to each individual child is extraordinary.


Mother of Primary Student

It's a great opportunity for my daughter to grow up with good friends around, learning in nature and seeing elephants every day.




Volunteer - Kindergarten

I have always been fascinated by the Waldorf pedagogy and Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to the world of early childhood education. So when I had the opportunity to have a classroom experience with The Waldorf Phuket, I was very excited! It is such a beautiful forest school true to the Waldorf pedagogy. Children in this school learn with their “head, heart & hands” through music, mindfulness and artwork. Teachers are all Steiner trained and are kind, helpful and fully equipped with knowledge of the whole pedagogy. It is just such a warm environment to work as everyone is very supportive. I learned beautiful Thai nursery rhymes, the Waldorf wet-on-wet watercolour technique and knitting! The Waldorf Phuket is such a magical place! A great start to my journey as an aspiring Waldorf teacher.


Mother of two Kindergarten Student

My children have loved spending their time at The Waldorf Phuket. They come home with stories of adventures and new skills. Nadja and her team are very passionate and really take their time to get to know the children on a personal level. It’s a wonderful fun and safe place to learn and play. The elephants are a real bonus too!

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